What you can expect at WorkAnizer

Development of customized solutions for the usage of virtual employees

We are a start-up with the goal of becoming the largest virtual employer in Austria in the coming years. By combining different technologies, which are currently mainly used in large companies, we want to support SME directly, quickly and easily through SaaS models. More specifically, we combine the topics of RPA (Robotics Process Automation), process mining and artificial intelligence (machine and deep learning) with existing software to offer a complete package.

So if you were always interested in building up a company and fee that the uncertainty associated with a start-up as an opportunity and not as a risk, then send us your CV.

Application process

1. Online-application

Fill out the online-form or send your application directly to

2. Feedback

You will receive a quick reply from us by e-mail.

3. Interview

If your profile fits to us then we will invite you for an interview to our office.

4. Welcome @WorkAnizer

If the general conditions are set and you fit into our team, then the only thing missing is your signature on the contract! Welcome to WorkAnizer!


I hereby agree that I may continue to be contacted by WorkAnizer GmbH after the application process. This agreement can be revoked at any time.