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02 Apr

Hello World!

Today marks the start of WorkAnizer and everything related to paperless offices and optimization/ automation in companies. This includes both the digitalization of paper forms with the associated approval processes and the automation of repetitive computer tasks.

In simple words, we want you to get rid of the robot tasks in front of the computer and hand it over to the computer itself. More articles and use cases will follow in the near future.

The time which it takes e.g. to create reportings, typing of lists or maintaining master data can be used for more efficiently with other tasks. It is better to work WITH the data instead of FOR the data.

The automation is done with a digital robot (short RPA – Robotics Process Automation) and is nothing else than a software which can be taught the processes and which will then be operated at your software l(RM, accounting system or similar).

Precisely, RPA only requires an understanding of the process and this must be translated into simple logical and consistent procedures. These processes are mapped by RPA and can then be carried out automatically by the computer itself. You save yourself costly adjustments in your systems and can increase the maximum efficiency.

In the next articles we will look at the potential of RPA and which processes are very well suited for implementation.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact and we will be happy to help you.

Your WorkAnizer Team

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