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Every company has its own individual challenges. Therefore, we offer our services as a modular system.

Starting with a simple pilot project, through technical development, the operation of your robotics solution as a service, to a carefree all-inclusive package for complex projects, we can implement exactly the automation that is tailored to your needs.

Before we can start to automate a specific process, it is important to talk about the expected result and how automation can be implemented with this specification.

The clarity of the process result is an essential factor for the success of an automation project.

In a manageable pilot project, we introduce your company and your employees to the advantages of automation and digitalization. With our experience in implementation and change processes we provide quick wins.

Particularly when introducing automation solutions, it is important to take different expectations into account already during the pilot project and thus create the basis for further successful robotic projects.

The technical implementation of an automation is the second essential step in your automation project besides the process analysis.

If you do not have the resources to take over the programming of a robotics solution or if you would you like to accelerate your own development,  we are happy to support you and take over the programming of the process automation.

04 RPA as a Service

After the process definition and the technical implementation, the ongoing operation of the automation system takes place. If you do not want to tie up resources for this, we take over the operation as “RPA as a service” for you.

We offer a flexible solution, so that you can use the advantages of robotics without having to invest in an infrastructure yourself, software licenses or the retention of employees outside of your core business.

All-Inclusive RPA

The development and implementation of an automation strategy customized to your needs, frees its full potential if we support you from the beginning until the ongoing service. With our all-inclusive RPA approach we offer you exactly that.

We combine the above-mentioned services into a tailor-made and individual solution with integrative design, support during the introduction, high quality of implementation and reliable operations to ensure that you can concentrate on your core processes.

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