14 Jul

WorkAnizer is new business partner of UiPath

As an Austrian service and consulting company for automation solutions, we support customers from various industries. Adapted to the needs of our customers, the right tools must be selected...

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29 May

Implement RPA successfully in your company

Before implementing Robotic Process Automation in a company, there are a few points to consider - in this article we will show you what you should pay attention to.

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19 May

Softomotive will be acquired by Microsoft

The rumors have been confirmed...

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08 May

WorkAnizer signs partner agreement with Another Monday

Always looking for the best solutions for our customers ...

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04 Dec

WorkAnizer and Softomotive established an official partnership

WorkAnizer, an automation consultancy and service provider, has now established an official partnership with Softomotive, a leading worldwide provider of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions trusted by more than...

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11 Oct

Data exchange in heterogeneous systems with robotics

Heterogeneous systems are usually a challenge for the information flow within the company and with partners. Robotics not only makes it possible to implement electronic data exchange across a...

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18 Aug

What is intelligent automation?

Robotics can do even more by simply processing individual work steps. Intelligent robotics can be implemented on the basis of defined processes and robotics implementations. Thus intelligent decision algorithms...

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29 Jul

In what ways can I use robotics?

Robotics solutions can be operated in an attended and an unattended mode. Learn how these two modes differ and for which applications they are particularly suitable.

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06 Jun

Robotics Reporting: Create transparency!

The implementation and operation of a robotics solution is not the only way to realize the full potential of an automation project. Reporting not only ensures that the operation...

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22 May

Help, the robot is coming!

Skepticism and fear for the job accompany many robotics implementation projects, especially in the initial phase. With us you will learn how to integrate your employees in such a...

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