Use Cases

Increasing cost pressure and higher efficiency concern many companies. Preferably with the same or a decreasing number of employees the same sales revenue should be generated. RPA (Robotic Process Automation) makes it possible to outsource standardized, recurring activities to “virtual” employees. Since the bots take over those tedious tasks, employees are freed to do more valuable activities. In order to choose the right processes for automation, the following characteristics should be taken into account:

The field of application for RPA is wide. We have collected examples from different sectors and industries to give you an initial idea of how RPA can support you. But there are certainly many more cases, be creative and create your own use cases. We will be happy to support you during this step.

Generic use cases

  • Master data management
  • Unzipping files
  • Importing/exporting databases
  • Recurring accounting tasks
  • Legal compliance
  • Administrative support
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Data validation
  • Reporting
  • Compliance
  • Routine checks of servers and software 


Controlling/ Accounting/ Reporting

  • Error identification for account allocation
  • Paymen transactions and document checking
  • Financial risk control processes
  • Allocation of incoming payments
  • Review processes in dunning
  • Comparison with insolvency database
  • Follow up on invoices/ dunnings
  • Company register query
  • UID-query
  • Edict file-query
  • Preparation of audits
  • Preparation of negotiations

Call-Center/ Communication

  • Update of customer data
  • Edit of sales orders
  • Creation of bills
  • Migration of data
  • Preparation/ creation of reports
  • Issue of refunds

Human Resources

  • Trainings/ courses
  • Onboarding of new employees
  • Payroll processes
  • Registration of services
  • Candidate and talent management
  • Reporting of travel expenses


  • Procurement
  • Procure to pay
  • Attachment and filing of contract documents
  • Administration of master data
  • Update of material data (vendors, conditions, …)

Marketing/ Sales

  • Pricing of competitors
  • E-mail workflowmanagement
  • CRM updates


Energy sector

  • Reportings
  • Data processing, checking, extraction and filling of forms
  • Creation of reports
  • Requesting and processing of operating systems
  • Adjustments and changes to tarifs
  • Onboarding/ quiting of clients
  • Meter transfer by automatic cancellation of other providers
  • Processing of meter data and billing
  • Order management
  • Qualitätsmanagement
  • Call-center and customer service processes
  • Answering of standardized requests

Health care

  • Patienten management
  • Edit appointments
  • Manage patient records
  • Ensure compliance specifications
  • Refill orders from patients with recurring medication
  • Warehouse management/ order processing of drugs


  • Notification/ processing of claims
  • Processing of insurance claims
  • Underwriting processes
  • Input of data
  • Legal compliance
  • Registration of forms


  • Certificates of suppliers
  • Audit of vouchers
  • Creation of new projects
  • Handling of residential projects

Transport/ Logistics

  • Demand planning
  • Shipping managment
  • Returns management
  • Entering of orders
  • Update of customer details
  • Plan deliveries, track shipments
  • Enter data into enterprise resource planning system
  • Take inventories
  • Automate access to data from freight forwarders, carriers, logistics partners and freight billing companies

Financial services

  • Accounts payable
  • Legal compliance
  • Customer service
  • Credit cards and mortgage processing
  • Fraud detection
  • Reevaluation of housing loans with a mortgage bank
  • Account setup for mortgage customers
  • Processing of machine data
  • Comating financial crime
  • Processing of direct debits
  • Credit assessment for lending
  • Provision of high-volume financial services
  • Opening/ closing of accounts
  • Regulatory Compliance / Reporting (KYC, AML, reporting)
  • Trading of securities
  • Trade finance
  • Asset management
  • Credit card dispute
  • Fraud management
  • Payment reconciliations
  • Customer-onboarding
  • Risk and compliance operations
  • Reporting (internal and external)
  • Factoring